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  • Nothing begins automatically — there is a reason for everything — and cuisine d’auteur is no exception. To understand it one must know where its roots are, and these are in nouvelle cuisine and contemporary cuisine.

    At the Lluis de les Moles restaurant we have been pioneers since 2001 in offering a cuisine d’auteur menu in Barcelona. An extensive carte from which to choose.

    Based on traditional Catalan cuisine with Mediterranean influences, prepared using modern techniques and served to the diner at an exceptional price.

    Fresh, seasonal products selected by the same chef during his regular visits to the Mercat de la Boqueria (the Boqueria market in Barcelona).

    An indispensable reference for eating a menu with à la carte caprices.

  • 1st

               STARTERS 6/25/24       €30 (Tuesday - Friday)   €32 (Saturday & holidays)
    • - Andalusian Gazpacho (Tomato soup) with chopped hard-boiled egg and Iberian ham  
    • - Eggplant caviar ( Baba Ganoush) with salad and black olive oil  
    • - Goat cheese salad wrapped in phyllo pastry and natural tomato jam (*+ 2,5 € )
    • - “Empedrat” of Santa Pau beans with vinaigrette, hard-boiled egg and arugula  
    • - Onion sardines in mild warm pickled with salad
    • - Fried egg and pan-fired potato timbale with red crystal peppers and jabugo sauce
    • - Lightly spicy braised veal tripe  

  • 2nds

             MAIN COURSE

    • - Argentinian-style veal burger   
    • - Grilled veal steak with garlic and rosemary infused oil and French fries
    • - Boneless grilled rabbit with romesco sauce and potato parmentier
    • - Veal “Fricandó” (catalan stew) with fairy ring mushrooms and basmati rice 
    • - Fresh grilled tuna with red crystal peppers, garlic and fried leek strips
    • - Fresh grilled tuna with tomato sauce and black olive-infused oil
    • - Fresh grilled boneless sea bass with stir-fried vegetables and soybean sprouts  

  • 3rds


    • - Strawberries with cream
    • - Honey and “Mató” cheese (fresh cheese with a grainy texture)
    • - Egg custard with caramel sauce and cream
    • - Catalan cream
    • - CheeseCake ( * + 2,5 € )
    • - Dark Chocolate ice cream
    • - Vanilla ice cream
    • - Mango sorbet

El Chef Lluis Piera
bandeja_chef Lluis Piera is a chef by vocation. After working in the most emblematic kitchens such as Via Veneto, Jean Luc Figueras, Hotel Juan Carlos I, Mercès de Barcelona, Casino Deauville in France, he decided to put his vast experience and knowledge to the test, at the head of his own establishment. From these strong roots and the experiences which he had lived, Lluis created a gastronomic offer characterized by a blend of his own way of understanding cooking and a determined support for more avant-garde ways of doing things. The spirit of excellence is what distinguishes whatever one does from what the others do. That characteristic, together with great care with details, is what Lluis imposes in his restaurant and in his life.
“The spirit of excellence is what distinguishes whatever one does from what the others do.”

<img width="51" height="78" src="http://www.lluisdelesmoles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/copa_vino_tinto.png" class="attachment-100x100 wp-post-image" alt="Red wines" 0="" />Red wines

Red wines
  • Raimat Clos Abadia ( D.O. Costers del Segre )
  • Més que Paraules ( D.O. Pla de Bages )
  • Tocat de l´ala cosecha ( D.O. Empordà )
  • Acústic ( D.O. Montsant )
  • Ritme (D.O. Priorat )
  • Álvaro Palacios Camins del Priorat ( D.O. Priorat )
  • Merayo Las 3 Filas ( D.O. Bierzo )
  • Fos Saltaviñas ( D.O. La Rioja )
  • Remelluri Reserva ( D.O. La Rioja )
  • Pruno ( D.O. Ribera del Duero )
  • Pago de los Capellanes cosecha ( D.O. Ribera del Duero )
  • Laus Crianza ( D.O. Somontano )
  • Flor de Vetus ( D.O. Toro )
  • Abadia Retuerta Selección ( D.O. VT Castilla y León )

<img width="53" height="77" src="http://www.lluisdelesmoles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/copa_vino_blanco.png" class="attachment-100x100 wp-post-image" alt="White and rosé wines" 0="" />White and rose wines

White and rose wines
  • Alta Alella Pansa Blanca (  D.O. Alella )
  • Tomàs Cusiné Auzells ( D.O. Costers del Segre )
  • Can Feixes Blanc Selecció (D.O. Penedès)
  • Gramona Gessamí ( D.O. Penedès )
  • Abadal Picapoll ( D.O. Pla de Bages )
  • Llàgrimes de Tardor ( D.O. Terra Alta )
  • Enrique Mendoza Chardonnay ( D.O. Alicante )
  • Casona Micaela ( D.O. V.T. Costa de Cantabria )
  • El Perro Verde ( D.O. Rueda )
  • Viñas del Vero Gewürztraminer (D.O. Somontano )
  • Joaquín Rebolledo Godello ( D.O. Valdeorras )
  • Terras Gauda Albariño ( D.O. Rias Baixas )
  • Avgvstvs Rosat ( D.O. Penedès )
  • Chivite Las Fincas Rosado ( D.O. V.T. Navarra )

<img width="45" height="100" src="http://www.lluisdelesmoles.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/copa_vino_espumoso.png" class="attachment-100x100 wp-post-image" alt="Sparkling wines" 0="" />Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines
  • Huguet Gran Reserva Brut Clàssic
  • Albet i Noya Brut 21 Reserva
  • Agustí Torelló Mata Brut Nature Gran Reserva
  • Recaredo Terrers Brut Nature Gran Reserva
  • Alta Alella Mirgin Laietà Brut Nature

Only one hundred metres from Catalunya Square there is a street called ‘de les Moles’ (‘of the millstones’). Back in the 14th century, the street was already called ‘de les Moles’, because in this place, at the foot of the ramparts, there were over twenty different millers and millstones that used to work with the stone from Montjuïc, currently reputed to be the best ones, which makes them highly valued in the milling industry.A street that used to have a lot of trade, and which still preserves its charm thanks to establishments like the Restaurant Lluis de les Moles. A minimalist restaurant in light colours and with exposed old walls, it’s the perfect setting in which to enjoy cuisine d’auteur prepared by a great team of professionals



Lluis de les Moles

simbolo-de-interfaz-auricular-de-telefono-de-anillo-con-lineas-del-sonido 93 317 58 66

whatsapp 683 295 049*



Lluis de les Moles

C/ de les Moles, 25

08002 Barcelona

Telf. 933 17 58 66


Hours of Operation

Tuesday to Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00.


Sunday, mondays and holidays. Closed from 29 Devember to 8 January inclusive

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